This trick could help you remove bird poop from your car without leaving scratches


First of all, it’s important to make sure the poop is soft when you remove it, so you can easily remove it from the paint. You can do this by pouring some water over the poo and then placing a few folded newspaper pages on top. Then pour another generous amount of water on top of the newspapers. Leave this to soak for about twenty minutes. After these twenty minutes are up, you can remove the newspapers and wipe away the soaked poo with a dry cloth.

Bird poop and dead insects

Just like bird poop, insects are disastrous for the paint on your car as well. You can remove dead insects from your car in the same way as the bird faeces. Avoid further damage to the car paint by regularly waxing your car. That way, the paint doesn’t become damaged by poop, resin and dead insects as easily. However, to prevent permanent damage, the best thing to do is to spring into action right away when you see poop or insects on your beloved car.

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